ALILA - Deployment


Contexte :

ALILA, a property development player specialising in social housing, aims to make social housing convivial and human by developing customised programmes for its customers and for local authorities to facilitate social integration and offer residential opportunities.

To satisfy its customers, social landlords, local authorities, elected representatives, municipalities and Metropolitan areas placing their trust in the ALILA group, the group chose Kaliti.


Kaliti assists the ALILA group for the phases of wall inspections, pre-acceptance operations, pre-deliveries, deliveries, the 30-day letter and the Completion Guarantee on the projects conducted in Lyon and Paris.


ALILA has placed its trust in us for certain projects, particularly:

  • Carré Nature in Bourg-en-Bresse (forty 2- to 5-room apartments with large terraces)
  • Les Côteaux in Condrieu (thirty 1- to 5-room apartments with balconies or terraces)
  • Natura Park in Vonnas

Chiffres Clés :

housing units per year

deployment in progress in 2017