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For the past seven years, Kaliti has been capitalising on considerable experience in assisting its customers in the deployment of its solutions.

Whether on an isolated building site with a few contractors or on a national scale with tens of agencies and hundreds of users, Kaliti’s number one objective is that each user, whatever his profile and his responsibilities, can work in a comfortable and simple way.

Creating new daily work habits involving the use of mobile technologies is a structurally important step for the company and this procedure takes place under very good conditions if the change management is carried out with the right method:

  • Anticipation
  • Teaching
  • Expertise
  • Experience

User training is a key point in the successful deployment of the solution. The aim is to extract the full added value from it and, at Kaliti, a dedicated team has specialised in these requirements and will offer you appropriate support.

The tool is developed with the main aim of user comfort, which makes it a very intuitive and user-friendly application. However, a bit of guidance and practice before starting always makes things easier.

Several methods are available, specifically adapted to each profession and to the responsibilities of each profile:

  • Online automated training
  • Videoconference training
  • Classroom training on the building site
  • Administrator training

Whether on a customer account or a simple isolated worksite, Kaliti’s in-house design office has developed powerful expertise to meet each of its customers’ expectations.

Thanks to the various configuration services, you will be able to work in peace with tools suited to your requirements. Only what is useful to you is visible, to keep the system user-friendly and intuitive.

Standardisation of methods on all your building sites:

  • Systematic inspection plans
  • Pagination of your standard reports
  • Phasing and preparation of standard projects
  • Global directory of subcontractors
  • Reporting and analyses


Preparation of your building site tools:

  • Creation of the project
  • Integration of drawings: 2D (PDF) or 3D (IFC) with dynamic and fluid navigation tool
  • Integration of inspection plans (data sheets, attachments, location, objectives, etc.)
  • Integration of directories (subcontractors, participants, buyers, etc.)
  • Creation of users and administration of rights
  • Creation of workflows and the building site’s management and communication rules

Throughout use, you have access to an assistance service within our team which can be contacted every working day to help you and advise you.

Whether by email or by telephone, each ticket opened is handled and integrated in a precise process:

  • Acknowledgement of receipt on creation
  • Confirmation of solving
  • Customer reminder

At customers’ request, Kaliti’s specialists can carry out a mission of analysis and summary of the use of the application by the customer’s teams and its partners in the collaboration. On a building site or on a wider regional or national scale, analysis of the data provides keys to optimise performances and risk control, and therefore the profit margin of operations.

This work is broken down into three areas:

  • Summary of good practices to be reproduced
  • Identification and classification of recurrent problems to be anticipated
  • Recommendations to anticipate and avoid recurrent problems

The regular exchanges between the users and Kaliti’s technical team lead to the identification of needs for optimisation of the application or of needs for new tools.

In seven years, Kaliti has gone from V1 to V5 by regularly making free updates available to its users. On each update, Kaliti proposes improvements of the performances and user-friendliness of the existing tools and/or new functions.

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When you are partners with Kaliti, all the data accumulated on your operations belong to you and Kaliti offers to deliver them to you raw or to supply you with various analyses according to your needs.

  • Analysis and comparison of internal or external performances
  • Evolution over time
  • Risk management dashboard
  • Analysis and distribution of the most frequent errors

In addition, all your data are confidential and Kaliti undertakes not to disclose them to a third party.