Created in 2011, Kaliti is characterised by the association of construction and real estate specialists with talented software developers.

Dissatisfied with the software available on the market and driven by a passion for innovation, we have pooled our experience in the construction industry to create a solution offering an appropriate answer to the specific needs of the construction and property development fields.


We have a dual approach which involves both offering new processes with high added value and deploying mobile technological tools which enable this value to be optimised to the maximum extent.

Our solutions are created by and for professionals. The various offers proposed are designed to provide maximum comfort in users’ everyday work and maximum savings on their budget. Our various tools are deployed by our customers in the various stages of their projects: from starting of a programme well ahead of the construction work to execution of the structural works and finishing and fittings and operation of the building after its delivery.

In the space of seven years, Kaliti has organised and structured itself. We have recruited the finest talent in different fields and have teamed up with the most reliable financial partners to continue our technical and commercial progress and increase the added value from which each of our customers benefits.