Kaliti is the publisher which has provided the most constant flow of innovations over the past six years. Supported by our R&D unit and our professional experts, we develop innovative solutions to meet needs in the field. BIM, Lean Management, Augmented Reality and Big Data are all strategic technological areas which we offer to our users with the same ambition: to enable our customers to increase their productivity.

Down to the smallest detail, we refine our application and our website to be certain that our customers are satisfied with the final result. Our work does not end with the launching of a function. We make continuous improvements by gathering user feedback to enrich, update and improve our tools.

Proud of our technological advance over our competitors, we dedicate a significant proportion of our turnover to innovation in order to offer our customers a unique solution.

Each project is organised around what Kaliti sees as the three basic pillars of quality:

  • Precise local knowledge
  • User comfort
  • Performance

Our approach does not consist in dematerialising ancestral processes. We go much further.  Our mission is to dig deep to redesign these processes entirely, adapting them to today’s requirements, so that they make the most of the possibilities offered by 21st century technologies.

From these three pillars, there arise six concepts which constitute the objectives of all our work:

  • Intuitive user-friendliness
  • Speed of each action
  • Automated reports and analyses
  • Targeted communication
  • Real-time action
  • Interface adapted to each profile

Each deployment of one of our tools is a structurally important event for the client company and we make our expertise available to assist in the change. The transition is implemented smoothly in a comfortable and satisfactory way thanks to the method which we master and enrich with each new experience.