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Perfect steering of the programme

The management chart for your programme accessible in mobile mode or on the web becomes the everyday tool: from land development through to after-sales service, each action and each step of the programme is planned and you can’t miss anything. The user-friendly interface guides each user to anticipate all subjects.

  • Make the steering of the programme reliable: each step is anticipated at the right time and all subjects are fully mastered. Eliminate all additional costs due to skill problems or inexperience. Each member of your team becomes an experienced expert and your profit margin is improved.



A buyer-oriented process for buyer satisfaction

The buyer’s visits are organised in the field at the key stages and supported by the best method to create a solid relationship between the developer and its customer.


Appropriate tools to manage the specificities of each customer

The Buyer changes and option sheets are shared with the Project manager and the contractors. Their correct implementation is checked at the right time and this check is formalised in a few clicks on the tablets. In the event of an error, communication is immediate and correction is quick.


A platform dedicated to the buyer

The buyer logs in when he wishes from any terminal and accesses his/her space: site log, downloadable documents, buyer change space and option sheets, etc.

  • You involve the buyer and create a solid relationship of trust throughout the work which will lead to simple management of buyer requests throughout the construction work, without waiting for this to become costly and difficult when it is too late at the time of the delivery. You deliver without snag and improve your profit margin.

Management of snags in collaboration

Have your snags managed in collaborative mode between your Project Manager and your Contractors. Simplified, user-friendly input, publication and distribution of appropriate reports, access of participants on all media to collaborate.

  • Make a user-friendly and effective tool available to your partners to lift acceptance snags in record times.

Reporting and rating of suppliers

Simple reporting tools accessible on line: in a programme or horizontally on several sites in parallel, you have access to various summaries.

  • Check in real time the quality of the services supplied to your customers or the risk and deadline control of the project managers and contractors on your sites. Compare your suppliers’ performances and benefit from feedback to improve your performances and your profitability

Delivery process adapted to the business line

Buyers participate in the pre-delivery and delivery phases and identify the last snags. The report is entirely customisable: legal text, statement of consumption, handover of keys and cheques. Everything is printed on the spot in a automatic and simple way.


Very easy withdrawal of snags and discharge

The Project Owner and contractors work together responsively to lift snags. The developer and the buyers follow progress online. The snags of the 30-day letter and final discharges are handled on the platform.

  • Offer your buyers high-quality, trouble-free site completion, for their optimum satisfaction in a relationship of trust.

Analysis and reporting

The quality of deliveries can be consulted in real time with various cross-functional management charts: by building site, by agency, by subsidiary or overall

  • Access your teams’ performance analysis instantaneously.

A system adapted for your After-Sales Service

The buyers or the operator create Completion Guarantee claims online on the platform. Before the snag lifting process is started, the project owner accepts or refuses to handle this claim. An automatic alert system adapted to the Completion Guarantee phase enables better streamlining and responsiveness.

  • Eliminate the main sources of delays and additional costs in claim management. Give the occupant and the operator maximum satisfaction.