Campus co-living Palaiseau


Contexte :

Kaliti is proud to have Oceanis Real Estate trust and to accompany Oceanis on the construction site of the new ECLA campus in Palaiseau.

This is the largest French campus dedicated to co-living with the ability to welcome nearly 1 300 people.

Kaliti is used during the phases of furniture disposal, OPR, availability, reception of work, deliveries, letter to one month, GPA with buyer access.

This 8 floors and 2 basements residence counts 24 000 m² of living area and 1 000 accomodations. Moreover 3 500 m² will be dedicated to services. This huge construction site sees more than 200 workers per day , working on a « 2/8 » cycles and counting 2 teams of 8 hours work. This rapidity of construction allowed the construction of 1 000 accomodations in less than 20 months.

This beautiful project is planned to be delivered on the third quarter of 2018.


Chiffres Clés :

m² of construction site