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Management of snags internally or in collaboration

Inventories and work sheets on the tablet: you prepare your building site precisely in a few clicks.

  • Leave nothing to chance with an effective management system and generate your work balance without re-entry after the inspections.

Integrate the tenants in the system

Social survey, tenant sheets and satisfaction sheets are integrated in the system and accessible when on the move.

  • Guarantee qualitative monitoring of the relationship and maximum occupant satisfaction during renovation on an occupied site

Control of planning and performance

Integration of planning by task sequences and by zones, progress checking, LPS procedure, buffer steering

  • Guarantee completion without exceeding deadlines, reduce the length of the work and improve your profit margin. Turn your subcontractors into partners so that everyone wins.

Instant quality steering

Site observations documented, qualified, localised and communicated immediately for an instant response.

  • Set up a responsive method of action on a daily basis, and eliminate all work to be undone and redone and the corresponding costs

Compliance and error risk control

Mobile inspection plans: fill in your inspection information (inspection sheets, forms to be completed, document acceptance, etc.) in a few clicks and monitor their results in comparison with the objectives set

  • Inspect 5 times more works in a targeted way. Analyse the results very simply and improve your risk management

A clean and safe building site

Organisation of storage areas, cleaning report, safety report, 5S management system.

  • Guarantee the best working conditions for workers, and therefore the best efficiency

Management of snags internally or in collaboration

Create and manage your snags in private with your subcontractors and/or in collaborative mode with your project manager and project owner.

  • Control independent lists of reservations according to the contacts and the objectives

Customised snags reports and acceptance reports

Create your various customised report templates according to the recipients and communicate them automatically in a few clicks.

  • Streamline communication and speed up the lifting of snags by eliminating daily torrents of emails.

Collaboration and lifting of snags, reporting

Get all your partners, subcontractors, project managers and project owners to participate and monitor each party’s involvement in real time

  • Make your subcontractors autonomous and responsive and satisfy your customer with your speed in the withdrawal of snags

A system adapted for your After-Sales Service

Creation of online claims, specific workflow for these claims with acceptance or refusal to handle them. Automatic alerts adapted to the Completion Guarantee

  • Eliminate the main sources of delays and additional costs in claim management. Give the occupant and your customer maximum satisfaction.