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With which technologies is the application available?

Kaliti is available free of charge in the App Store if you have an iPad or iPhone, Windows Store for your Windows tablets, and Google Play Store for your  Androïd smartphones.

You also benefit from access via the website with an Internet connection on a computer or smartphone.

Who is KALITI intended for?

Kaliti is intended for participants in a property development construction or renovation project.

Our solution enables real estate and construction professionals to monitor all phases of the construction work in a collaborative way.

  • For the project owner: phases from execution follow-up, wall inspection, pre-acceptance operations, pre-delivery and delivery through to the Completion Guarantee and operation follow-up phase
  • For project managers: phases from execution follow-up and Pre-Acceptance Operations/Acceptance through to Completion Guarantee follow-up.
  • For general contractors accompanied by their subcontractors or contractors in separate trades: phases from structural works to execution follow-up and Pre-Acceptance Operations/Acceptance phase through to Completion Guarantee.
  • For the final buyer: Kaliti involves the buyer at all stages of the work, with specific accesses and tools

If you belong to one of these categories, Kaliti is the ideal partner to assist you in your projects!

What are the price rates?

Kaliti does not offer a monthly subscription but an annual license

It includes the deployment of the software to the teams as well as the services associated with Kaliti support ( counselling, set-up and training).

The application is sold in SAAS mode: to deploy the tool on a project, the customer pays for a flat-rate service which is proportional to the size and complexity of the project. This service contains a software user licence part and a services part: training, support, assistance and initial configuration of the project.

For residential property, we offer a price according to the number of housing units which varies according to the services and tools subscribed to.

For business property, our price is based on the cost per square metre built.

For any request, a personalised quotation will be sent to you according to the options chosen, your constraints and your requirements.

Our sales department will be delighted to supply you with a quotation adapted to your project.

Can you use KALITI without an Internet connection ?

Kaliti can be used without any need for an Internet connection when you are on field.

However, you must be connected to the Internet to synchronise your data in order to be able to share them with the other participants and send your reports. You synchronise the data after your site visits.

How do you guarantee the security of the data ?

All our customers’ data are managed confidentially by our teams who configure the projects, and all the drawings, inspection check-lists, schedule tasks lists, directory, reports and all other data are hosted on a secure server.

The data belong to the customer and Kaliti does not use them other than at the customer’s request for analyses for internal use.


Where to find us ?

For 10 years, Kaliti supports its customers (real estate and construction projects companies). To find us :