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1. What types of information do we collect ?

The personal information we collect are the following:

a) For customers and Kaliti’s users

For companies and stakeholders:
– Last name, first name, company, responsibility in the company, business phone number, e-mail address.

For purchasers:
– Last name, first name, address, phone number, e-mail address, apartment details

b) For visitors on the website
As part of the use of this site, you may give us some personal information via some forms (contact request, presentation request, brochure request, subscription to the newsletter, subscription to a webinar, CV when you apply for a job) : Last name, first name, company, email, phone number, position occupied in the company, geographic area.
We process your data in a fair and lawful way and by respecting your rights.
The controller of this personal data is the company Kaliti.

We inform you that you dispose, towards all this personal data collected or generated, during or following that process, of an opposition, access, rectification or suppression right.

We do not collect personal data without your knowledge or your predetermined agreement. Only personal information you provide us are collected. We are committed to preserve those personal data you provide in the most safety conditions.

c) Cookies

The website also uses cookies in order to better know its users. Such information will not identify you personally but can help us to make statistics over the use of our website.

If you need more information about cookies dropped on KALITI website, you are welcome to consult our cookies policy.


2. How do we use your data ?

a) For customers and Kaliti’s users

The only reason we collect those data is to make them accessible on our app so that you can fully use our platform (sending reports, notifications, e-mails, etc.)
Of course, Kaliti will not give your personal data to unauthorized third parties.
If permitted, we can also use your e-mail address in order to send you our newsletters.

b) For visitors on the website

Data collected from our forms are saved in a computer file to communicate information linked to Kaliti’s brands or services. They are saved for 10 years and are intended to the marketing and sales departments established within the EU. This file is only accessible by the direction, collaborators and the marketing and sales departments of Kaliti.

By ticking the box of consent requirements before submission of forms on the website , you allow the storage and processing of your data in order to promote our services. You allow:

  • A sales representative from Kaliti to reach you for business relationship
  • The marketing department send you customed information of our solution
  • Our Inbound Marketing solution (HubSpot) to store information about your courses and your uploads on our website in order to segment our contact list and give you only useful customised communications for you or your company.
    Such behavioral data are stored within the UE.

3. What are your  rights regarding your data?

Personal data you give is your priority.
You have the right to ask for modification or suppression (right to oblivion).
  • Whether those data will be directly modifiable by you on the app
  • Whether you can send us an email at and we will respond as soon as possible, all our teams are aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Whether you can unsubscribe yourself from our emails by clicking on the unsubscribing link at the bottom of the email you received.


4. Are your data sent abroad ?

Kaliti’s data are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and only in EU datacenters.
Visit data of our website after submission of forms are stored in our partner’s platform HUBSPOT in Ireland.


5. How long do we keep your data ?

In order to monitor projects during their all duration, we keep your data accessible on Kaliti’s app for 10 years. Nevertheless, you can always contact us if you need early deletion.


6. Personal data breach

In case of a cyber attack involving your personal data, Kaliti is committed to notify legal instances and all customers and users involved.
However, Kaliti uses security services proposed by the AWS which have robust guarantees and expects to move towards encrypted data on our servers.