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The website uses cookies. When you visit the website, cookies are placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The information below is intended to enable the User to better understand how cookies work and where to find the tools to set them.

What is a cookie ?

The use of cookies is common on the Internet. A cookie is a small text file containing information that is stored on the hard drive of your device (e.g. computer, tablet or mobile phone) when you visit a website using your browser software. It is transmitted by a website server to your browser. The cookie file enables its sender to identify the terminal in which it is stored during the period of validity or registration of the cookie concerned. A cookie cannot be traced back to a physical person.


Why do you use cookies on your website ?

The Website uses several categories of cookies, the purposes of which are described below. No cookies are used to collect nominative information (such as the name of the User for example).

1. Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential to the operation of the site and to provide our services and therefore cannot be disabled and do not require consent. They are used by the registration privacy policy to prevent the user from being asked to accept cookies and to record which categories a visitor has consented to, if any. They expire within 13 months.

 2. Analytics cookies (Audience measurement statistics)

These cookies collect information about how visitors use the website. For example, the number of visits, which pages are visited most often, etc.

Google Analytics is the audience measurement and statistics tool used by Kaliti. We use Google Analytics to collect information about how you use the website.

To what end?
– To help us measure and study the effectiveness of our online content
– To track analytical data on the website and the use made of the website by users
– To improve the website's services

Google Analytics collects information about:
– The pages you visit and how much time you spend on them
– The way you arrived on the website (referent website, social networks, search engine...)
– Links clicked on the website during the visit

The cookie used to track sessions expires at the end of the session or within 30 minutes. The main visitor tracking cookie and the cookie that tracks a visitor's identity when submitting a form expire within 13 months.

 3. Features cookies

These cookies are not essential for browsing on the website, but they enable the website to function optimally and to offer a smooth and customised browsing experience.
In this case, the Publisher uses a single cookie of this type. This is the session cookie.

4. Advertising cookies

These cookies collect information about your Internet browsing habits in order to provide you with advertisements that are adapted to you and correspond to your centres of interest. No personal data is collected and an individual cannot be identified through the data collected.

 5. Sharing cookies (social links)

The Website contains sharing links to Facebook, Twitter and other similar social networks, which allow you to share content from the Website with others. When the User uses these share buttons, a third party cookie is installed. If the User is connected to the social network when browsing the Website, the share buttons allow to link the contents consulted to the user account.


How to manage cookies ?

Several possibilities are offered to the User to manage cookies. However, it is specified that any setting made by the User is likely to modify Internet browsing and the conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.

The User may choose at any time to express and modify their wishes regarding cookies, by the means described below.

1. Browser settings

For Google Chrome:

For Internet Explorer:

For FireFox:

For Opera:

2. Audience measurement cookies (statistics)

For cookies issued by Google Analytics:

3. Sharing cookies (social links)

For cookies issued by Facebook:

For cookies issued by Twitter:

For cookies issued by Linkedin:


More information on cookies

For more information on cookies, the User can go to the CNIL website at the following address: