CARI THOURAUD - Courlancy Polyclinic, Reims-Bezannes (51)


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CARI THOURAUD, a subsidiary of FAYAT Bâtiment, a general contractor working as joint contractor with Eiffage Construction, selected Kaliti for the construction of the new Courlancy Polyclinic on an 8-hectare site in Bezannes south-west of Reims.
The delivery of this HQE-certified Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics (MSO) establishment with a capacity of 469 beds and places and a floor area of 47,000 m² is scheduled for the spring of 2018. This gigantic establishment could eventually receive 60,000 patients per day and employ between 120 and 150 doctors.
Kaliti is assisting the general contractors in the Technical Trades/Land Use Ratio execution follow-up and Pre-Acceptance Operations phases.


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delivery in spring 2018