Fayat Ile de France - Le Jardin des Orchidées, Boissy-St-Léger (94)


Contexte :

FAYAT Ile-de-France won the tender launched by the developer Altarea-Cogedim for the construction of a mixed property development in Boissy-Saint-Léger, “Le Jardin des Orchidées”. Situated less than 300 m away from the RER Line A station, this residential and shopping complex retains the spirit of Marcel Lecoufle’s old orchid greenhouses. Designed by the architects from Atelier Agopyan, it consists of 9 buildings (GF+3 to GF+5) on a parcel of 17,900 m². The complex will accommodate 319 housing units including 74 social housing flats and 69 intermediate rented housing units, a residence for elderly people comprising 77 housing units and 7 neighbourhood shops. The project is built over a basement level comprising 317 parking spaces.

The buildings have private gardens or balconies and generously-sized terraces and a large garden created by the Raphia landscape designer.

Kaliti was selected by FAYAT Ile-de-France to assist them in the land use ratio inspection and Acceptance/Completion Guarantee phases.

The delivery of the construction is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.


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