SCGPM - Qualys Hotel, Paris (18th)


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SCGPM, a subsidiary of SPIE Batignolles, is in charge of the construction of the new 3-star Qualys hotel located at Porte de Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, and chose Kaliti for the Technical Trades/Land Use Ratio execution follow-up, Pre-Acceptance Operations, Delivery and Completion Guarantee phases, all using BIM.

The project, intended to contribute to the urban renewal of the Binet Montmartre district, was entrusted to the architecture firm ECDM which designed a building progressively unfolding vertically according to its functions and its environment.

This building will accommodate the hotel complex and the headquarters of the SEH, a 500 m² seminar area, a restaurant and parking spaces.


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delivery in the second half of 2018